In Conclusion

Without the intervention of Jesus Christ, mankind would destroy itself. God understands the world and how cruel human nature really is. Instead of letting the world self-destruct, God sent His only begotten Son to save that which was lost, and mankind showed Jesus just how evil we could be. We ridiculed, abused, and hated Him unto death, and God turned that death into eternal life for all those who would believe. Evil thought that by destroying the Messenger they would win the war for control of the earth, and when Jesus was crucified even His own disciples thought that despair had recorded the final victory. But nobody saw Hope rising from the dead. Nobody foresaw the precious Sunday morning that changed everything for man. Nobody saw the resurrection of Jesus Christ coming. It surprised the disciples just as much as it did everyone else.

The amazing thing about Jesus is not that He sacrificed His life to save us, but we have a Savior, a God, who lived as we do, who experienced all of our pain and sorrow. A Savior who sees us how we really are, and could relate with us in a very personal manner. Jesus took the hatred we have toward one another, and defeated it with the love of God. He took hopelessness and transformed it into a promise of a future, where all that believe may be saved from the desperation of death and hell. He takes the abominations of mankind and overcomes with His sacrifice of love unto death.

  Now because of Jesus Christ our past is not our future. Bitterness and hatred can no longer overcome the relentless power of God’s love. The Gospel gives us the power of God to overcome the curse of evil. We don’t have to cling to intelligent reasoning anymore because we have “Christ within us.” We don’t have to take the beliefs of science as law anymore, because we have the knowledge of truth in our souls. So there should not be any discouraged Christians, because hope is anchored in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We are to have a personal relationship with our heavenly Father through daily Bible study and prayer (DBS&P). We are to surrender our will, our life, our emotions, and our possessions to our King and Savior Jesus Christ. We are to live in obedience to the Word of God. God’s purpose for us is to be like His Son Jesus, and remove the sins from our lives so we can have a closer walk with our heavenly Father. It is a difficult journey, and the pathway is full of obstacles. We crucify our own life so the Holy Spirit can work through us to serve others. We have a great enemy in Satan, and he looks to separate us from God in any way he can. But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them. (2 Corinthians 4:3-4) We are at all-out total war so anything that is contrary to the Word of God must be removed from our lives.

How many times have we missed out on the presence of God in our lives because we failed to abide by the formula for Christian success. Yes, believing is receiving; however, you believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe, and tremble! (James 2:19) We cannot sit at the starting line of a race and expect to be a winner. The ultimate goal of every believer here on earth is to produce fruit. To develop a testimony and witness to others how the grace of God has changed our life. We are either growing in Christ or we are falling away from Him. There is no middle ground. Yes, we walk by faith, and it is an arduous walk, but there are wondrous moments in our journey where God reveals Himself to us. Where the heavens open up, and for a moment we stand on holy ground. Where we are truly in communion with God.

I have included in the biography a list of authors that are fully capable of elevating our lives to the presence of God. Through faith and practice, these spiritual chaperones can lead our souls to possess the power of God through prayer. Regardless of how long ago these books were written these writers have experienced everything we have, yet lead an exemplary life. We must search out their words with a strong desire to grow spiritually, and meditate on the scriptures with silent prayer. I urge you to spent time alone with your heavenly Father, and submit yourselves a living sacrifice to God. Read no more than a few pages a day, and spend time reflecting on what you read. I have included enough reading to last you a lifetime of study, because we can’t just read these books we have to consume them to make them a part of our lives.



Alex & Brett Harris—Do Hard Things – Multnomah Books 12265 Oracle Blvd. Suite 200 Colorado Springs, Co. 80921

A. Ironside – Dr. Ironside’s book series covers Genesis to Revelation. An informative, easy to read collection. His books can be purchased from

Alvin Reid – Introduction to Evangelism – – Mr. Reid traces the essence of evangelism. Teaching Christians to preach the Gospel effectively.

A.W. Tozer – The Pursuit of God – He has written 28 books. All of which are excellent.

Wing Spread Publishers, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 3825 Hartsdale Dr.

Bernard Bangley – The Cloud of Unknowing – Edited and Modernized Paraclete Press Brewster, Massachusetts

Billy Graham – The Holy Spirit – – Dr. Graham has a tremendous library available to anyone even if you cannot afford to buy his books they will still send them to you.

Charles Spurgeon – Prince of Preachers—Mr. Spurgeon was Dwight L. Moody’s mentor. The book is a collection of sermons that relate to events of today just as well as they did when He wrote them. Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Dom Lorenzo Scupoli – The Spiritual Combat – The Newman Bookshop Westminster, Maryland

Dwight L. Moody – The Highlights of His Writings, Sermons, Anecdotes and Life Story – Dr. Moody is an incredible man who shared Christ with millions. His life story is a great read.

Moody Press Chicago

Edward Bouverie Pusey – The Confessions of Saint Augustine

Book of the Month Club

Harold J. Chadwick – We shall Judge Angels – This book helps with the understanding of what happened in the Garden of Eden and what part each person played. 2500 Hamilton Blvd. South Plainfield, N.J. 07080

Henry Suso – The Life of a Servant – translated by James M. Clark – The Camelot Press Ltd., London and Southhampton

Jean – Pierre De Caussade – Abandonment to Divine Providence Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc. 1540 Broadway, New York NY 10036

John Maxwell – Relationships 101 Thomas Nelson Publishing Nashville Tennessee

Oliver b. Greene – The Gospel Hour Inc. – – Dr. Greene has a wonderful collection of books. His New Testament series is very good and reasonably priced. He has a gift for explaining the Gospel.  PO Box 2024, Greenville, South Carolina 29602

Mona Johnian – Renewing Your Mind Bridge Publishing, Inc. South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Og Mandino – – The Greatest Salesman in the World Great collection of books. Fredrick Fell Publishers, Inc. Hollywood, fl. 33019

A. Torrey – Heaven or Hell – Dr. Torrey followed Dr. Moody as president of the Moody Bible Institute. This is where Billy Graham studied. Dr. Torrey started the Church of the Open Door in downtown Los Angeles. His writings almost come off as poetry. Whitaker House, 30 hunt Valley Circle, New Kensington, Pa. 15068

Richard Rolle – The Amending of Life – Burns Oate3s and Washbourne Ltd. Publishers to the Holy See

Simone Weil – Waiting for God – Harpercollins.com10 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022

Thomas R. Kelly – A Testament of Devotion – Harper San Francisco 10 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022

Thomas a Kempis – The Imitation of Christ – Bridge-Logos Publishers 1300 Airport Rd. North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Vernon McGee – Through the Bible – – The “Through the Bible” series is well known and very informative. You can download the entire series for free on mp3 format. PO Box 7100, Pasadena, California 91109


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